Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Spa day

We spent the whole day in the spa that is just over an hour's drive from home. We were able to eat a delicious lunch there, before enjoying several hours of the spa all to ourselves! There were hot pools, and bubble pools and cold pools and a swimming pool. As well as several different saunas and an outdoor bubble pool big enough for five friends, but not six.

It was a brilliant day, spent high up on a hill looking out over the widest of valleys, the town far below us, and with forest on every horizon. The hotel has downhill ski slopes, cross country tracks and they are getting really well known for holding competitions and training camps for international skiers. Rather brilliant in an area of high unemployment! Here it is! The staff were really welcoming, the place was quietly elegant, and we all had a lovely day. As it got dark, the twinkly lights in the ceiling became more and more twinkly and the lights in the valley more interesting. It was hard to tear ourselves away.

I drank masses of water all day, and took it super easy, all that heat takes it out of you and we are all exhausted! We got home around 8 in the evening, to a world of sheet ice after a day of thawing and rain. The vegetable curry I made yesterday has gone down nicely, and I think I am soon off to my bed. Still taking painkillers, still quite numb, still bruised but less swollen -  and now getting a bit fed up of it all! Sleep, the great healer, will be given another chance tonight.

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