Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Storm chasing and near misses

A storm has just hit us.  This was about a minute before fierce winds blew those masts you can see almost horizontal to the water.  I made it to the car which narrowly avoided having a couple of palm fronds fall on it.  I also made it through the tree lined streets of Hunters Hill where this shot was taken to Burns Bay road and then nearly had to double back because of a fallen large branch.  I could barely see out the car window and there was flash flooding.  The five minutes home took more like ten but I am home safely and now there is calm.  I can see across the other side of the Lane Cove river is without power again.  It was all very dramatic and I hope Sydney and Mountain blipmates have survived the storm too.

Before that it was Puppy School for Maggy and me.  She slept part way through it and then was a wriggly bitey worm.  Mad zoomies since we have come home, she should sleep well tonight.

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