Tiny Tuesday - Leaf Bird

Today went by in a flash, so busy I hardly sat down whew! I had a little play around with all the leaves that are at my desk and at some stage came up with this leaf bird ;o)

As we passed the lake early this morning the latest Black Swan in residence was looking after three little dabbler chicks who seemed to have lost their mother. Every time the swan ducked down to get some weed they all ducked down as well, it was a funny sight, quick shot in extras ;o)

I try to give random acts of kindness to all my customers and on this hot day I made sure that most of them had a cold drink of water before they went on their way. Almost at the end of the day my husband started giving out cold beers to anyone who was up for it and quite a few took him up on it, turned into a bit of a party! ;o)

Thanks to mindful_life for hosting TT.

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