By JohnW

Haring About

Or:  ‘Get Off - she’s mine’
Or (if that’s a bit course for you): ‘The love triangle’
Not that ‘course’ would apply here as the busy A15 runs along the west side of the field, and I don’t think that the morons that go ‘hare coursing’ would be stupid enough to carry out their foul pastime in a field so overlooked from all directions.
We looked out of our bedroom window this morning and were greeted by the site of three hares in the field.  One female, and a couple of rivals.
Normally, by the time I’ve got the camera out and telephoto lens attached, the shot has long gone.  Not this morning and I was able to freeze my extremities in my dressing gown managing to get a load of shots, these two, with one of the males being chased off by the other, were amongst the better ones.
For the record - 600mm zoom, hand held, 1/200 sec, f/6.3

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