By WharfedaleBex

Daring to be different

I knew I had to get an entry for this challenge in early otherwise it might start playing on my mind.  For me, this is not in my comfort zone. I may, however, be a convert - admittedly, one who needs a little more practice!

I'd barely gone a mile down the road when I looked up and spotted these guys working on the floor of the new garden centre.  It's quite fitting because I've been admiring the engineering work for some time but never thought to take a photo. 

So, I crossed the road and leapt off my bike, catching this guy's attention in the process. 

Did I follow all the tips?

1. Was my camera set up beforehand? Oops, no.  But at least I do know how to twiddle the dials fast.

2.  Communicate with my subject.  Yes!  But, I confess, I'd already snapped his photo before he could hear what I was asking.  With a friendly smile and his eyes kindly averted from my runny nose, he said, 'Yes, not a problem.'

3.  Can I say I composed my shot? Well, no, not really but I was shooting through a wire fence.

4.  Getting down low and looking up?  Fortuitously, he was on that whopping great platform.

5.  Stay safe. Yes - Wire fence in the way, picked on the right guy but I also had a fairly fast escape on two wheels if necessary :D I've taken a handful of people at work before and everyone has always been lovely - it should really be higher up my list of opportunities - especially in this grungy weather.  

6.  And the final and most important tip, always have fun!   Do you know, I'm buzzing!  This is not my greatest photography moment but sometimes I do need a challenge to make me do something out of my comfort zone - and this most definitely is.

I spent the rest of the ride not looking for trees - but counting people at work!  There were eleven I could have jumped off my bike for.  So this local ride might just be my PeopleAtWork tag for some time to come.

I'm pondering on whether to tell you I'm going to look out for someone every day for the 10 days of the challenge. For me, having the challenge makes me more likely to dare to ask.  We'll see...

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