Keith's birthday

Big porridge breakfast with raspberries, and love, and gifts, and company! A very nice start to the birthday boy's special day. He had a card from good friends celebrating his 70th, just a year too soon!

Keith chose his activity and it was .... drum roll.... another outdoor fire! This time with this rather brilliant view over the High Coast Bridge. The fire was in a wind shelter, the chimney filled the shelter with smoke, so we all smell like we have been outdoors. I hung all my togs outside in the cold to remove the smell - it works well when it's under freezing. And that's how it's been today, pretty chilly. I was an hour after the others as I had a telephone meeting about the finer details in the translation I've been working on - which they say are most satisfied with - that feels good!

I made celery soup this morning whilst the crew slept, and we had that for dinner with sprouts and grated cheese- and with Keith's sourdough bread too. A feast. We saw the film The Journey at film studio - luckily it is in English and our guests could be part of it. The dramatised fairy tale of a journey in a shared taxi with Martin McGuiness and Ian Paisley. I really enjoyed it but it was well and truly slated in the reviews I read afterwards. We found it both amusing and poignant.

Returned home to telephone calls with sister-in-law Caroline who shares the birthday with Keith. And another round of chicken feet with some pink Cava to close the day of celebrations.Blip is definitely on the back burner at the moment. 

Dental pain is very slightly less, I checked with the surgery and was told that it was to be expected to be living off painkillers. They said "call again after the weekend or if it gets worse" and agreed that "they pump in plenty of anesthetic" and it can stay numb and very sore for many days if you are unlucky! Keep taking the tablets...

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