Beacon hill

A traditional place to take visitors and enjoy the biggest view around. It was positively Baltic up there in the icy blast! Yo can see how well wrapped up my victims visitors are!

We did some shopping, for screw in studs that make ordinary boots into fabulously skid-proof boots, as well as the compulsory wander around the big second hand shop. They found things to buy, and thought the crumbs from the rich man's table were rich pickings indeed. A sheepskin, a table runner, a cheese slice, a whisk, an ice scraper, ceramic pots, etc 

I bought a dingly dangly crystal light (£12, very rash) a kilo of beeswax sheets (£2, a total snip) and a rather lovely hand sewn book that I feel sure will come in handy for something or other. Keith got exactly the sort of baking pan he was longing to have and is thrilled to have  - more clever sourdough will be underway. He spent the day learning things about the financial side of the planning committee. We had had a lovely mixed dinner, eating bits and bobs, exactly my favourite sort of food - everyone gets to choose what they like and leave what they don't like. Everybody happy!

Dental update, used less pills today which was good, but am now hurting as much as ever. I suppose it must have been a rather brutal affair to still be hurting this much on day 8. I am grateful for the medicine which takes the edge off things, but I'd rather be managing life without it.

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