Photomuncher's Spot

By photomuncher

Home again

I need to apologise: I have fallen behind with my journal visits and comments. We have been away for a few days visiting our kids in Edinburgh and Glasgow and I managed to leave my iPad behind.  I found the phone ok for blipping, but a miserable way to keep up with journals and comments.  Old eyes (and fingers) need a bigger screen.

But this cloud did have a silver lining in that I had more time for my current book.  The Drowned and the Saved, may have the worst title ever, but it is a wonderfully inspiring read of events on Islay when two ships full of American soldiers foundered on the island's shores during World War One.  I really can't recommend it highly enough.

So, back home now, and looking forward to a blip-fest as I get caught up on journals and comments. :-)

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