If you can't beat them...

By Jerra


First thing we set off down to Sheffield to visit ArcaneSpark and the grandkids.  The drive down was trouble free.  We had a break at Mainsgill Farm.   Many other stops on the A66 have been recommended but for our purposes aren't far enough into the journey.  I assumed I would be able to blip some of the exotic and not so exotic animals there.  Wrong!  Everything must have been housed inside for the winter.

Arriving mid afternoon we were greeted by two excited children who of course wanted to show us  various things new since our last visit.  Daniel wanted some identification of rocks and minerals in his collection, so we headed up to his bedroom.  He is learning the guitar and the rack caught my eye.  The guitars are from right to left, his own guitar, the one he uses from school for lessons and his Dad's old one.

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