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By richardhaas


Having learned how to type the traditional way, I am finding it difficult as have my left index and middle fingered taped together, still recovering from my stumble in Dublin two weeks ago.  "Stumble in Dublin" - sounds like the name of a tune.  Anyway, I writing because I must rave about this wonderful guitar quartet I heard at the Cameron Art Museum as part of their Pro Musica series.  Quaternaglia, from Sao Paolo is one of the best in the world, and it was a real treat to hear and see.

Pictured here is Fabio Ramazzini, performing a piece requiring the four musicians to place themselves in the four corners of the room, surrounding the audience.  

If this group visits your part of the world, purchase a ticket.

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Also - this blip qualifies as a "People at Work" entry, and a very elegant job it is.

Also - Cheers to our founder Joe Tree.

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