A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Totem :: MMC20

MMC20 #21

Last night I started to transfer my Lightroom 'catalog' over to On1. This evening it is about halfway done..!

I visited Lullingstone Castle to get some images of the totem pole they have next to the North American part of the garden. It has seen better days and has started to split and the paint is flakey. At some stage, it has fallen over and the eagle's beak has broken. 

My intention is to give it a season or two longer by doing some renovation work to it. It's not an original so I'm quite free to repair as I see fit. It will keep me occupied for a little while. 

My Blip is of the eagle's head. The effect is a result of an On1 tutorial I thought I'd try.

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