By Charente

Two for the price of one......

Viburnum with a bee at the top and a hoverfly lower down on the right.

Hectic day - up early to get a Traditional Veal Osso Buco (Jarret de Veau) Stew into the slow cooker.  By 09h30 we were on the road.  Mr C had to go to the bank and I shopped in Lidl and waited for him.  The queue in the banks was apparently very slow!  Then off to the furniture shop in Champnier.  The lounge suite that I bought in Rhodesia in 1977 is still going strong but the 2 occasional chairs that we bought in RSA, much later, are not doing well.  We finally picked on two chairs that we both liked but they will only be ready and delivered in July.  Not a huge problem really as the two we are replacing will survive with a bit of help that long.  
Arrived home just in time for lunch, butternut soup.  Then back in the kitchen to make up some more cereals which we were running low on and then I made some rusks, a South African favourite.  Somehow by then it was time for a coffee a 30-minute relaxation and then dinner with the  Osso Buco, wow it was good with a glass of wine followed by a cognac, I needed it by then!
Will catch up with comments tomorrow but we seem to have a busy weekend lined up!!!  No peace for the wicked my mother used to tell me!

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