Blowin' in the wind

Good to catch up with Jacqui (and Fletch, of course) when they came for coffee this morning, and with Andrea, before her mandolin lesson with MrM.

There isn't a storm today according to the Met Office. OK, I admit that the sky was blue for a short while this afternoon. But other than that it's rained on and off, and since last night the wind has been ferocious (gusts of 65mph+), and during the middle of the day made storms Ciara and Dennis seem like light weights! It's died down little now, but still howling down the chimney.

Several of the shops on the High Street have hanging signs. Sometimes, to get an idea of how windy it is, I look across the road to the chemist's sign to see how far and fast it's swinging. This afternoon I caught sight of it, and the two across the road (at the bakery and estate agent's), all swinging to horizontal. Of course, after I'd fetched the camera I didn't see them do it simultaneously again. This is the best I could manage, but a still shot doesn't illustrate how wildly they're swinging!         

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