Long Compton Garage?

I'm not sure whether this place actually functions as a garage or not. It didn't look lively but it was a Saturday.

I was in Long Compton today for a gathering of the Rollright Group of the RPS, having travelled over with a couple of friends from a nearby camera club. We were ahead of schedule so drove a bit further into the village to look at the church (I needed a blip). On the return to the village hall for the meeting I noticed this delightful petrol pump - squeaked with excitement, pulled over and leaped out to grab the shot; it did mean standing in the road but it wasn't busy and I did look both ways! An alternative blip.

An interesting day seeing examples of work from other Visual Art group members plus hearing an interesting speaker. Lovely to have the opportunity of chatting with a few people I haven't seen for a while and others I'd never met before.

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