On the road...

By johnsmiley1321

My dad's memorial service (Arizona)

It's been an emotional day but with the loving and supporting family that I have, we all helped get through it together. I choose to blip this photo because my parents did not think they were going to have a grandchild as I remained single and my sister was having a few medical issues. Of course never say never as a little over 5 years ago, Nathan was born to my sister and her husband. Not only did my mom and dad get a grandchild, but Nathan got a grandfather and grandmother too. Knowing that my dad got quality time with his grandson is something that I will forever treasure and keep in my heart.

The first extra is the church where my dads side of the family went to and my uncle spent many years as the minister.

The second extra was the memorial service for my dad. There were letters read my dad sent, songs that were sang, prayers said and... 

The third extra is the memorial gardens where family and friends are together again. The top right photo is extra special to me as I was catching my breath, I looked up to the bell tower, a bird landed on the cross just long enough for one photo and then left. A few tears came after that..

The last extra was going to the ice cream parlor that the family has been going to for over 50 years and celebrate his life. I got his favorite, a wonderful banana split. 

Tomorrow I am taking my mom to a garden and the park where we spent so much time over the years... 

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