By soozaday

All Professionals, All the Time

Santa Cruz Warriors vs Stockton Kings. We lost, but it was a heck of a close game right til the end. It helps that our friend gave us her really good comfortable seats when she had to go out of town this weekend. I've said it before, but these games are such good hometown fun, a place to see friends and neighbors and to cheer for talented emerging athletes.

The Extra celebrates a huge gardening task undertaken for us by our son and granddaughter--drastic and long overdue pruning of the vigorous climbing rose that covers our carport. Periodically the whole thing needs a good mow, and a lot of the landscapers just don't want to do it. Truth: my son didnt much want to do it either, but the girl volunteered him and he is always a gracious participant. Plus he works faster than any other person in the universe. He had that thing done and loaded in two hours, and then they were off to the dump. Other folks have reluctantly said maybe all day, maybe more to get it done. D&D--Davis and Daughter--Landscaping Services: Not Your Grandmother's Yardwork. Oh, wait, it is your grandmother's yardwork...

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