By Ridgeback13

Sunday FaceTime

Love our chats over weekend breakfasts. They’re making progress planning next steps and kitchen design etc and when I asked the kids what they wanted to do today AR said she’d like it to be Christmas...!
After I got up I chatted to A as she drove home from a weekend with her friends (all 3 of them planning weddings this year!), then pushed on with cleaning and ironing and doing some financial housekeeping, plus making soup for the week ahead (minestrone this time).
Someone came to pick up the bathroom cabinet-last of the things I was getting rid of from the ‘old’ stuff. That’s created a bit more space, but still sorting to do in my bedroom and the box room...maybe next weekend!
Made some pastel de nata tarts....will need to perfect the recipe though as the first batch had slightly soggy bottoms which will never do (mind you they tasted fine!!). Chatted to T as he drove to work just as I finished baking the tarts....they’re excited about going to Borneo next weekend and he was plotting about possible property speculation too, but doubt that’s possible.

The coming weeks will be difficult with the strikes due to start tomorrow... no one finds it easy, regardless of their personal decision on what to do.

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