Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Calm before and after

After days of high winds and driving rain, we had a settled afternoon, a brief respite before the next weather system arrives tomorrow morning. After watching England beat Ireland, I went out hoping for a Sandside sunset. The sun was already obscured by clouds, but maybe we had something a bit more subtle instead, gently coloured textured layers of water and mudflats looking across the Kent Estuary to Meathop.  The missing ingredient is a black-headed gull perched on the end of the tongue.  Even the buzzard circling over the estuary refused to enter the frame. A crow appeared and occupied the spot after the colour had gone, but too late.

A good day for me and Gus, he is back on his best form after his tummy troubles. Less good for Wifie, who has had ear ache these last two days. Perhaps a touch of infection? Hopefully she'll be better tomorrow for her Qi Gong class.

ps It's difficult to imagine, but I stood close to the spot from which this was taken at high tide today when the water was brown and choppy and I was splashed and sprayed.  That was immediately after a squally shower of hail went through and cars on the road needed headlights to see the way.

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