Red Flash

By RedFlash

Love tulips

HtP gave me a tulip vase last year for my birthday and I like to always have tulips in it when it’s tulip season of course. I bought these yesterday in town.

The boys had a lie in this morning and so did I.

I was due at the mill in the afternoon as Miller.

There were lots of nice people. The river was very high and it was hard to stop the water wheel at the end of the session.

HtP met me afterwards and he kindly walked the boys for me as I slept. I don’t seem to be able to do much without feeling tired.

I’ve finished the second boottee and it looks just like the other one. Now I need to add the buttons and sew up the cardigan that goes with them. I’m not very good at finishing things and I’d rather make other things. But on this occasion I’ll be good.

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