By Beckett

IT"S MINE.....

.... no it's mine! Seemed to be the conversation from this pair of BulBuls as they spotted a little bug between them! 
Oh, and you can see why sometimes they are referred to as "red dumped BulBul"!
It was dull and wet, and they were out training a new youngan (in extra) how to fly. It was quite a chuckle watching the goings on - of course as with all youngsters it had a mind of its own.

Following all the fun they were off!

Had to get a shot early as we are needing to look after the girls this arvo/evening. Always fun.

Enjoy and need a look in LARGE on the "black" to spot the bug!

.... had so much fun last couple of days this now a couple of days behind, so need a catchup!

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