The Pensioner

By Pensioner

Drying Off

It was warm in the dusty haze so we lounged awhile by the pool; a new book too - A Bit of a Stretch by Chris Atkins. I’m getting quite knowledgeable about some unlikely stuff.
In the afternoon though we went off to the sea to wash the dust off. There were a few surfers in, with wet suits; I’ve swum in warmer waters, but it was nicely invigorating.
Back to my favourite bar to catch the 2nd half of Arsenal v Everton. What about this sand, sez I. Worst I’ve seen says the man, and I’ve lived here for 26 years. Airport’s been closed all day. It has, sez I? You mean I might be back here tomorrow after all?
You may well indeed, he says: another Porter squire?

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