A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Mono Monday 318 :: MM318 :: Looking Down

MMC20 #24

It is hard to show you what is missing from this view because they are no longer there. What you can see, whilst looking down from our loft window, is the majority of our garden and that of the neighbours. A view not seen before. The greenhouse and all of next door's garden would have been hidden.

Now the 3 huge conifers (bigger than the one left on view) are gone I have noticed the winds today. Crossing our wooden deck has the feeling of being on a ship's deck out at sea, very strange. 

The extra light has rejuvenated me to get jobs done. Roll on Spring, the garden has promise!

Thank you 60Plus for covering this month. ;o)

Next month Mono Monday will be hosted by ApolloFly. I am looking for hosts to cover April. It has been a while since it has been hosted by a Blipper from Asia, Oz or NZ. Anyone interested? Please let me know. 

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