Out and About

By LeslieBigos

This vase

My dad always loves an antique store, a flea market or a garage sale. For the most part, I hate them. It started as a child when there was never a direct route home as he was pulling over to look over another person's junk.

Over the years, he got some great finds: instruments, tools, books. Yet, I can hardly bear to go through the stores with him.

When he comes to visit, I am often called upon to drive him to the antique store. I usually go get a cup of coffee while he wanders around. 

This time, I entered the store to find him and he said, "Would you like this?" and he had this beautiful vase picked out for me. "Yes, it's beautiful." 

So, Dad, I am glad I humored you this time. I love the vase.

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