Traditionally  we have vegetarian weeks during lent. It's good to question your habits. This year I would like to start a new attempt to completely change our diet. That went down in the past hectic times. This includes reducing sugar and carbohydrates.
My Hanullis are thrilled: "You no longer need the sugar? We love to build with it ... "
Great, so nothing is wasted! :-)

Thank you Mindful_life for hosting Tiny Tuesday in February and the theme "lent".
Reminder for Tiny People Challenge TiPS:
The tag for the February is TiPS42. In March it will be TiPS43.
If you like, you can have a look here for the entries so far.
You can make as many entries as you like. I'm looking forward to many creative entries of the adventures of all sorts of tiny figures. Have fun!

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