The Whys Man

By WhysMan2

Mair Burds...

You might remember we visited Rosshall Academy in November and met the S2 pupils who had been making paper boats.

We talked with the youngsters about other Wyllie work, and in particular his scul?tures of 'burds', a whole range of them, bit and small.

The S2 classes were going on to make their own bird scul?tures to go on display in the Mitchell, and they're there now... shelves and shelves of them lining the walls of the Film Room.

When visitors go into the exhibition they can sit and view the Why?s Man DVD and hear about George Wyllie's work, including his 'Burd' scul?tures. Now, you can also see them glancing round at the Rosshall scul?tures.

Looking good S2!

(S3 pupils also made their own scul?tures of birds. Theirs are big ones and quite a different style. In the Film Room they provide a good contrast, and compliment each other. Rosshall also has it's own area on the website.)

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