Wearing purple...

By 60plus

The rainbow this morning promised much...

...but I had to surrender to the rain and snow later in the day...
Taken on the way to Pilates - we live in a village in an agricultural area, so I have to travel if I want to join in with things. The bonus is, the drive is always quiet and pleasant ;) 

As promised - my last MonoMonday hearts and honourable mentions for MM318. I'll deliver them ASAP ;) 

Once again great variety folks – you don’t like to make life easy!  Gardens and paddocks; crocodiles & cats; dogs & ducks; shadows, stairs and scales; feet, boots and bridges...

My mono hearts this week go to:

BlackTulip's escalators

bababarbara's sculpture

Marlieske's boots

John's grandaughter practising

Missycat's cat, PeggySue

youoregon's vertiginous stairway

And Honourable Mentions for:

pops' milk carton

chrisf's bridges

dfb24's courthouse

Majoayee's crocodile

mambo's downcast dogwalkers ( and extra )

isbi's view of a recovering Grose Valley

You can start thinking about next week’s mono right now – and ApolloFly will be your host ;)

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