By Dreamer_Sleepy

Visibly Invisible

I have been immensely lucky to have had a cousin who I shared most of my childhood with and still love being around ♥️Well she is in the picture yet not in the picture. "It's hard for us to accept things which aren't visible to us but we can't deny that it exists" simple yet a hard to accept fact. I have always been a curious mind but finally my queries are being answered and guess what? There is no one to judge me for doing so. I am thankful for my sister for helping me out to discover things I have always wanted to but have feared to do on my own. Her effort might seem small to other when they see it but for me it's the best help I could get. The time has come and I won't let it affect me anymore.

Much love to my didi( elder sister) for holding my hands when I was even afraid to ask for help. For believing in me when I didn't believe myself. For the unconditional love even though I was the one who irritated her the most. For helping me out to become the person with purpose and a kind heart. For helping me to be sympathetic towards other. Thanks for always being an inspiration and adding soul to my life♥️

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