By flying

Picnic day...... celebrate A's 90th birthday.

All A wanted was for family and friends to spend the day with him by spreading out their picnic blankets enjoying food and having a good natter.

It was a significant day not only for A's 90th but also for the homebuilt plane called Woody Pusher which A built and flew 45 years ago. It's an American design and is still flying today but with son E at the helm. An open air cockpit, 2 seater design where the pilot sits up front. The propeller is behind therefore pushing the plane, hence the name. Personally it's my kind of flying, open and refreshing and not going fast or necessarily very high, good for the camera to.

Since A stopped flying he has become involved in the VW club and also the trike club, you can imagine the wide range of people who either flew in, drove in or biked in, fascinating seeing the different planes, cars, vans and trikes.

Our connection to this amazing family, A's son E and hubby went to school together and were bestmen at each other's wedding. There have been several other planes built since the woody pusher, I think between father and son there are 7 planes in the fleet.

Many stories were told throughout the day, A had a smile all day from cheek to cheek, it was a day to remember.

There's a couple of extras if your interested, also several links with photos of some of the other planes in their fleet

And this is my last backblip - yay!! A great blip to finish the backblipping which came about due to having photophobia, my eyes just not able to face the computer. I'm hoping this year will be better and mostly up to date. Thanks everyone for your support with kind words, stars and fav's, so very much appreciated :)

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