Sorry there is no pic today - this has been taken by my Hoy stringer. I will backflip tomorrow. Ironically I was across in Hoy having received a lift via Lyness with Fiona Graham. Quite a lot of snow at the Bring. After an installation at the Hoy Kirk I walked down Millbrae to the bolt hole and lit the stove.

I made a pot of tea, sat stove side and welcomed in Glen Dronach. I started my book and was just drifting off. In my dreams I heard the sisters (and not of Mercy). It wasn't a dream; they came across on the ferry together and they are both still at me and I'm on the ropes.

For those preparing for their exams there used to be five schools on Hoy, there is now one. When CMC's sister was at the school there were 78 bairns, there are now just 19.

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