By KatesGardenPDX

Maybe the Last Crocus Picture

It was an absolutely stunning day today - blue, blue skies, 60 F (15.5 C). However it was only 37F this morning, and the grass was covered with frost. I took a long walk early this morning past my golf course (which is just 5 minutes from my house) and down to a small lake. It's in a bustling and populated area which is odd, but it was lovely to hear the creek and watch the ducks. Once upon a time the area where I live was all agricultural and some of that still exists, although more and more neighborhoods are being built.

I spent much of the day with my aging parents. It seems that Mom is really declining and we're getting worried that she needs more help (all the while declaring that there's absolutely nothing she can't do by herself.)

When I got home, the cats and I took the camera out to the garden...and there were the crocus in all their glory....starting to go by now. It's been an amazing run this year!

The extra is of my golf course with the early morning light and and frosty grass. Although it's a golf course, you might get a bit of a sense of where I live.

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