By QuerkyPoo

UNFICYP (CYPRUS) - (Family Friday)

'I ve been doing a bit of sorting out - you know what its like family photos here - there and everywhere ?? Today I decided it would be Family friday and I'd start with myself - mainly because I've been asked to.  I had a bit of a disaster in about 1976 and most of my historic photos of my NZ service time in Cyprus in 1967 were sadly destroyed.  I located three slides of our medal ceremony so to get it into the digital format I put the old slide projector on and I photographed the screen -this the result.  ( I know I should get it scanned but I was being a bit lazy and curious as to what the result might be.)  Well here'tis - me getting my UN service medal on top of the Curium Palace in Cyprus 1967. Taken on screen today!
rgds IK .

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