Drippy Blip!

A fun evening was had with Mum and my siblings last night...big bro produced a full roast dinner for us and I had Angel Delight for pudding (a hark back to our childhood Sunday’s!). More wine may have been imbibed again and great hilarity ensued as we confused the heck out of Alexa!

Had a sleepover at No 1 sons house...the mattress on the floor wasn’t quite as salubrious as last weeks night away! This morning started off quite bright but I’d decided to stay in my PJs to do some cleaning and tidying before I headed home again...I think I made a difference! By the time I was washed and dressed the rain had started so it was a very wet and miserable drive home.

The crocuses are out in force in the garden...this was a very quick shot when I arrived home in the rain, sleet and snow!

Thanks to BikerBear for hosting Flower Friday.

PS as correctly guessed by a few yesterday’s mystery item was indeed an Olympic Gold a Fuji lens cap!

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