I know it’s a symptom

I go shopping and will buy something that.
Is not needed
Just wanted.
I try to curb this feeling to buy
But this lemon tree an it’s other citrus chums we’re outside Aldi for sale.
I am growing the pips but if they survive they might get a flower and produce fruit in 15 years.
As every day is not promised to any living thing.

I felt compelled to take one home. I feel very low that I can expect to find out I am a dieabetic Just another problem to be sorted to arrange what you can and can’t do.
I feel bad because as I say nothing is every really promised it’s a gift that each day you can feel the sun on your face.
See children running without a care.
I have some photography on my pine table.
Wake up grateful every day. Because so many worthy people don’t.
Thank you for all my stars. And I hope those that read my text to the end can get the message.

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