By LornaL

Lines to a member of A form doing prep

Lines to a member of A form doing prep

You are a nuisance, Barbara Smith,
You’re one I like not to be with.
I hate your giggles, loath your smirks,
You scorn to be a girl that works.
You haven’t done a stroke for hours,
And nor have I, by all the powers.
[Damn you.]

We found this poem on the reverse of the sheet of paper on which Lorna wrote Winter Scene, blipped on 20th February 2020. It reminds us of the work of Dr Seuss.

The poem will interest those who have been wondering about Lorna's career. Before the war, she worked as a school teacher. Her first post was as a part–time English Mistress at the County High School in Stourbridge (I936–37).  Then she was appointed Assistant English Mistress at the Royal School in Bath (most likely 1937/8-1938/9). We conclude that Barbara Smith must have been one of Lorna's naughtier pupils.

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