All part of the story

By Treshnish


First thing this morning, I tripped over a step in the kitchen and went unceremoniously flying as did the pan in my hand  and my plans for the day!  I have bruised knees (cue Kate and Anna McGarrigle but then I am no dancer) and 2 sore and purple toes!  As a consequence the day was a little slower than planned, and the dog walks shorter than they would have liked.  

We have had 4 seasons in a day - including snow showers and warm bright sun. 

S was pleased with the prices and the guys in the mart let him go through the ring early so he didn't miss his ferry home.  

Supper to cook now as big brother is coming over - we haven't seen him since November.  Then I can put my feet up! 

Follow my leader - extra. 

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