Silly Saturday

This Silly Saturday blip is to show how silly we humans have been with the way we've thrown away plastic over the last few decades. It's part of one of the intriguing exhibits in a display at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, entitled "Think Plastic". The sculpture is called "Parasol Fungi" and is made from recycled plastic water bottles: it's inspired by the discovery of plastic-eating fungi (although they haven't proved to be a quick fix to the plastic problem). It's said to represent a dreamlike carpet of micro-organisms emerging from the forest floor.
We came across the exhibition during a walk round Edinburgh, having arrived mid-morning to visit Son#1 (Son#3 also came with us). We've had a lovely day, finishing with the amazing stage production of "The Lion King" (a late birthday present to both of us from Son#1). The weather was lovely until about 5pm when the rain started: the extra is a lovely view down by the river in the late afternoon light.

Many thanks to the Silly Saturday host, admirer.

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