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By crenel

100% Post Consumer Waste

Today I managed to get a variety of overdue (but low-priority) errands run, including restocking paper for our printers. We were down to just a few sheets so it was definitely time to stop putting that one off.

Why wait at all? It's just paper, right? Well, this image and its title give a hint... I don't like to buy virgin paper for regular use. I have a deep-set belief that most things we buy and use, especially disposable things, should be made entirely from post-consumer waste. Unfortunately, it's not easy to find 100% post-consumer recycled paper around here; the only local store I know of that carries it is just inconvenient enough to push that errand into the procrastination bin. It's not a long drive, it's just not convenient due to its location (as their almost-empty parking lot can attest; I wonder how much longer they'll stay open).

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