By Number147

The same but different


A sunny day for a change!

Millie Hetty is now allowed out for proper walks so we chose an old favourite. Lots of friends and dogs to stop and chat and socialise with on route. Hetty got very muddy and went straight into the bath when we returned home. She was far more compliant than Millie at bathtime.

I cooked lunch whilst Clive collected MiL.

Then an episode of anything narrated by David Attenborough and she was ready to return to her Care Home.

Gary did not have a good night and asked that no one visits today. He is very weak and now uses a zimmer frame (so looks even more like his mother! Ssh - I did not type that!) At least his frame is a temporary messure. According to the hospital, he is a miracle. Luckily (if you can call it luck) his heart attack and then cardiac arrest happened at the tennis club. CPR started within minutes and there were enough people to take it in turns until the ambulance arrived. 

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