One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Seven point one

declared the Water Temperature Man, rather solemnly. Not seven, no, seven point one. The announcement was accompanied by a lot of wow-ing and ha-ing in the assembly and that was the start of several water temperature related conversations. 
Me? I was mostly focused on trying to coax my testis back into their scrotal sack, in an attempt to retrieve them from the warm depths where they had sought refuge. 

Later that day I dropped Luca at an airsoft birthday manhunt cum party. The sight of grown men all kitted out as Sunday afternoon rambos would have been hilarious if it had not had a disquieting edge. 

I left Luca to it and went to climb the Sugar Loaf. Got to enjoy my only snow shower of the year so far. 

From 2.5 meters under sea level (a rather cold sea) to 501 meters above (on a rather cold hill) in one busy day... 
Any excuse to run away from 17 teenagers all high on sugary shite and Apache pizzas jumping up and down in the front room and compromising the integrity of my Spotify account (god knows what horrific Made for You compilations I will be offered in the coming weeks...) 

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