By FlyingPRGal

Peacock March

It seemed the wildlife at the castle today is ready to march into Spring. From the white peacock in the courtyard on the hunt for food to the Shelduck by the pond courting a mallard to the squirrel in the Woodland scavenging in the bin for a banana skin! Not to mention a frantic pheasant dashing in front of the car on our way out (we narrowly missed him).

On the Cedar Pond swans dived into the icy looking water with their tails in the air bobbing up and down like synchronised swimmers. The last sunlight of the day gave the Castle a golden glow in the distance while the water in the moat was a blue so dark it was almost black. Still with hardly a ripple it looked serene and beautiful.

The sun made an appearance today but it was still bitterly cold. I am ready for spring to begin and some warmer weather. It feels like a never ending winter.

My weekend was brightened by a visit from mum and dad today and a lovely walk at the Castle. We spotted primroses and crocuses starting to bloom and - appropriate for St David’s Day - plenty of Daffodils. Maybe spring is just around the corner after all?

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