Andrew's Random Photos

By andrewhiggins

Fields of plastic

Oh Blipfoto, my once daily habit now barely monthly...that distracting upstart Insta*>@*!
So on the 1st of the month, a good day to post again, the slightly surreal scene of the sun glinting off the plastic growing tunnels covering an entire field near home.
The little XF10 is a handy photo notebook to catch these moments.
Back when I was in the midst of nearly 4 years of daily blips, I liked the way the blipping habit sharpened my vision for photos, and the motivation too.
I think I burnt out a bit after so many daily blips (so well done to those who have persevered!), and life changed, but I still like to photograph every day, so I do mean to blip more often... I always say this!

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