Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Another weekend passes in a blur...

After a lot of experimenting and footering about, managed to settle on a method of digitise film using the gadget shown yesterday, with the LED light box, and an old DSLR fitted with a macro lens. Eventually did a couple of films that had become a scanning stumbling block a couple of years back. Just couldn't face doing the pair of them on the scanner. There was a fair amount of time spent tinkering about with files on the computer, attempting to find the best way of editing them. That in turn required some changes to the photographic stage, for both focusing and exposure methods best suited. Some Internet research revealed how to turn the negative images to positive, as there was no menu option for such in the software I have. Thanks to someone that posted a YouTube video to show how easy that was to sort... so I didn't have to buy and get-to-grips-with yet another photo editing software package.

Those films I did, were from a friend's wedding, way, way back in 1982. Still plenty wee bits and pieces to give minor adjustments to, but I now have a better idea of how I want to proceed, and most importantly, am happy with the results so far. Haven't attempted any Black & White films so far, only old colour negatives.

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