Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos


The Southerly that blew in yesterday has brought some rain, or rather I think it was the remains of the cyclone that is bringing the rain.  I found this feather on the walk to the ferry this evening with small drops, by the time I got it home it was bedraggled. 

Speaking of the ferry it was a shambles this morning.  My ferry was cancelled (breakdown) the next one was chockers and sailed past us with our mouths open and pleading eyes.  Meanwhile there were announcements at the wharf that the 8.30 was also cancelled and the next ferry was at 8,50.  Not happy, that just didn't cut it.   I managed to get on one going to the quay, they only let 10 people on, and I just managed to get to work before 9am.  A trip that normally takes me about 40 minutes door to door took me 80 minutes  I know it's a first world problem but there were ripple on effects all day and I just managed to get my deadlines for today achieved by the skin of my teeth.

Puppy school this evening and I am just home.  It was a bit of a shambles at Puppy school too.  Someone in the class before had done a poo, Lola had a melt down and Rosie was guarding her toy.  Loki was a happy chappy which was good.  The first class he was asleep under the chair for all of it.

As you may know, I am hosting TT this month.  I hope to get this weeks results out by Saturday. and if I get a break during the week it might be earlier  There will be no theme for next week, just anything tiny/tiny themed that takes your fancy.

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