Ashburne House development

Situated within Backhouse Park Ashburn house was the home of the Backhouse family. The family were Quakers and gifted the park to the people of Sunderland. In 1922 the house was gifted for the specific purpose of education and it became an art college. My Aunt went there in about 1945 and trained to be an art teacher. My mother worked there and they became friends. My Aunt introduced my Mam to her brother and love blossomed.
The building has stood empty for a few years when Sunderland University relocated their main art offering to the riverside. It will now be converted into 3 residences with a shared courtyard. The more modern buildings at the back are being demolished and 9 more residences are planned. I support what is going on because the building was deteriorating.
At this time of year the crocuses are out in the park and there are thousands of them.

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