new primrose, nestling in amongst the green leaves :)

In the extras the rainbow during an early evening heavy rain shower last night...and a nosy cat watching from the windowsill!

Thank you to the blip friends that suggested I visit  minor injuries today - felt a bit daft, but it wasn't at all busy...seen within half an hour. :)  

I have been diagnosed with something called tendonitis in my thumb joint :(  Very annoying but nothing can be done apart from wearing a thumb splint during the day and doing some exercises I was given...

Just what I don't need right now, but I'll have to do it!

Other than that, tip visit with another half car load, shopping, petrol for tomorrow, then home again with my girl and more packing.

I've just been searching online for 'soft' thumb splint.  Prices vary between £4 which is non adjustable to £50 and upwards....yikes I don't know which one to get... Oh well... I'll start with the cheapest and just see how it goes!

Back to work tomorrow...

Happy Tuesday folks :)

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