By dogwithnobrain

If you need advice, let me simplify

Sometimes you need the beach in the morning to restore your inner calm. 

that was all it took . 

I'm a better person these days.  

Not that much better though. 

Himself and I decided to attend a Community Council Meeting tonight. 

Oh dear lordie 

You do have to wonder why people join these things... you have to wonder why people think they should be local councillors.  

I sat there tonight and thought, i'm going to have to make a stand here.    I actually took a piece of paper away to complete to become a community councillor, but I think I should go a little farther.... Local Councillor. 

Hmm just thought.   I don't think I can be a councillor and do my job. 


 Hmm, I should chill a bit again.  Before I make a decision.   Back to the beach tomorrow morning, for some more chill. 

What a bloody relief it is to see sunslight, and sunshine and blue skies, and to be able to stand upright without having to battle against the wind. 

Note to self.... Went to council meeting because of parking suggestions for station - which would eat the football park away.  Even now - with no kids here to play - i want the children to have the park, its a joy to watch the children congregate there in the summer evenings, and weekends.  Huge games of football - boys, girls, older, younger, all playing. Yes, PLAYING.  Why would you give up playing for parking? 

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