Spirit in the Sky

Dug is back, working away in his indolent manner, his mind quite taken by my back door puddle. He’d rather do anything than my veggie beds, which is what I’m actually employing him for. Jonathan turns up at 12:30 to look at said puddle and discuss solutions. Dug, luckily, is out of earshot but afterwards is keen to engage me again. I foolishly divulge Jonathan’s thoughts on the puddle. He sucks in his cheeks. I wouldn’t do that, he opines. Honestly, he’d be a welcome addition to the boat club.
Later, a trip past the lighthouse and on up to Gorgie for I had tickets to see the Hibs away game on the big screen. Five pounds admission, a free pie and pint and the half time thoughts of those luminaries, Walter ‘Zico’ Kidd and Henry Smith. Well, that in itself was attraction enough, but what followed… what a larf! By the time we were 3-0 up, the room was in mayhem. Bedlam! It’s quite amazing what a good pumping of the Hibs can do for the psyche.

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