The work day was fun. 

It was just the Goth and I in the Office, and she was in good form. I suppose I was too. Something about working alongside people 25 (the Manager) to 35 (the Goth) years younger than me, often brings out the better parts of me. 

Then I go home to a big empty house...

Tonight will involve a couple of hours at my desk at home, mostly printing stuff to take to a meeting tomorrow. It's the last loose end for my legal business. I expected to get it finished 2 years ago, but the accountant, one of the clients, and his lawyer all took their turns at slowing things down. 

None of this was predictable when I took the job in the Office, or I would have told them to find someone else to deal with it. Back then I thought it was 90% done, and it would have cost them a lot extra to have someone else take it on.  

The Blip is my walk to work at 9am. Yes, I am enjoying the daylight and the sunshine. 

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