By talia_e_foa

Washing machine fascination

We had a flood yesterday I am like a cripple today. A lot of pictures had to be moved upstairs. That is two flights of steep stairs. I can barely move today. I used a lot of towels to mop up the flood water. The whole dining room was like a sauna as it was hot water a pipe came off the radiator and there were no isolation valves so I could not do anything to stop the water.

I grabbed all the pictures that were stacked on the floor. I had to put the feet of our antique table in terracotta dishes.

The whole of floor has come up it is a rather nasty laminate just as well we are planning to convert the dining room into a kitchen at some point this year.

I was washing the towels and Orlando was fascinated watching the washing going around. It made me smile....

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