Meet miss miracle

As I have been telling you about the bees and the very wet windy weather I have been bringing in bees that have just dropped to the ground or they can't get out and they cant' get in some survive this problem.
what happens is they leave with enough fuel to get them to where they are collecting from ,and until that tree bush flowers are completely empty. then they return on almost empty. when they are in the big hive this won't be such a problem for them, and hopefully there will be a great deal more bees in the hive height of summer could be 60,000.
what I have noticed is that the bees on the ground all appear to be dead
but on closer inspection I noticed that some have the tongue out and some in.
now I have brought in everyday a selection of those I can pick up
I lift them carefully by a wing ,this weeks ones have everything stuck to them with sodden bodies so I do my best to lift them with a leaf.
bring them indoors pop in some sugar syrup on a cotton  bud they seem to like to balance on the stem.
I put paper towel on the floor of the pot to help them dry.then put them in my airing cupboard for about 5 mins and up they get except the ones with tongue out.
this particular bee was upside down in a puddle almost completely submerged. the science in me wanted to know could this one survive this.
well as you can see she did.
if weather dry in the morning I will take them down and open the lids and if they fly I think I have won the day,if they just walk around I have to bring them back indoors to warm them and feed and try again tomorrow I love my girls I hope they are kind to me in the summer, do you think they might tell the tale of near death and brought back to fly another day to the young ones, I have always told bees even wasps if I have saved them from the water pots.
please remember I was kind to you :-) 
extras of when I bring them in  you can see a bee that is laying looking dead on the left.she flew after a bit of TLC..back blipped yesterdays I was sure I had done it x happy blipping blippers keep safe x wash your hands eh!

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